Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

You are welcome to opt-out of personalized ads. Per Google AdSense, you can click the footer and opt-out of any selling of your personal information. 

Ad Disclosure

I have the minimal amount of ads possible, while still enabling them through AdSense. You will not see full-page or in-between link ads. I limit anything related to medications/money, as I do not feel comfortable serving those ads. 


I have AdSense enabled to be compliant in terms of tracking, selling, and storing your data. It is entirely opt-in for personalized ads, and I (Stacked MMA) do not store anything myself. My Substack is similarly compliant, as everything is opt-in and nothing is pre-checked. 


There is no difference in quality of service from opting-in or out of ads. The only change is the ads you are served. The only bonuses are joining my free substack for a social element of seeing what I read. I am not a covered business under the CCPA, but believe in consumer protections. Google's privacy statement can be found here: I recommend looking at Google's privacy policy, as that is who serves the ads and manages the cookies. 

Meta Pixel

I use Meta Pixel for tracking conversion from Meta ads and seeing how first-time visitors interact with the site. You can view Meta's privacy policy here: I serve targeted ads on Meta based off of those that "like," MMA and Online Platforms for MMA. I do not store anything that is carried over from Pixel, and the only events I track are what you click on the site itself. I do not serve Meta ads. 

Google Ads Disclosure and Statement

I serve Google Ads using Google AdSense. Some content you see here will also be on SubStack, due to it being how I preview posts. I, Stacked MMA, state that my site does not contain:
  • Copyrighted Content
  • Scraped-Material
  • Reposted Content
  • Duplicate Posts To Manipulate Data
  • Auto-Generated Content
  • Affiliate Links Or Paid-For Services
  • SEO Abuse
And that I have written all the content on this site. I have cited all sources when otherwise.

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